Welcome to SmartFind Express/STAN

The SmartFind District Phone Number is (571) 303-0317.

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Click here to access Orientation Videos for the SmartFindExpress system:

System Orientation Training for Employees.

System Orientation Training for Substitutes.

You're Access ID is the same as your Employee ID Number
All New Employees:
Employees must register by phone first by calling 571-303-0317.
Enter your Access ID (employee number) number followed by the * key. Then enter your temporary pin (your temporary pin is your employee number)
Example: Call the System phone number. Key in your Access ID:EXAMPLE 123456 followed by the * key on your telephone key pad. Key in your PIN number:EXAMPLE 123456 followed by the * on your telephone key pad.
Once in the system you can create a new six digit PIN and voice your name. All subsequent entries will use your Access ID and the PIN number that you have created.
For further assistance, please contact the Substitute Help Desk by email subs@apsva.us